New RISC OS computer available now1/8/2011
    The new ARMini, developed by R-Comp Interactive, in partnership with other RISC OS companies and enthusiasts, is the first native (i.e. ARM powered) RISC OS computer to hit the scene in over five years! It runs RISC OS Open's RISC OS 5.17, and has a dual core Cortex A8 800MHz processor. More info can be found on their website, www.armini.co.uk.

    New Century News Update16/4/2009
    From now on I will not be posting regular news updates to this news page.
    For regular, up to date news visit the Google Groups RISC OS discussion board - "comp.sys.acorn.announce"

    CJE Micros's release new, updated version of Photodesk22/10/2008
    CJE Micro's have released a new, updated version of Photodesk, the premier photo retouching and bitmap editor for RISC OS.
    The new version is version 3.09 and contains many new features, some of which include a new set of brushes, new image processing options, new improved zoom tool and a new user interface, as the old one was looking tired and dated. According to the press release, a new manual is nearly complete and when finished will be made available free owners of version 3.09. The new version was available to purchase at the RISC OS South East show last saturday, and can also be purchased on their website at www.cjemicros.co.uk/photodesk along with a free demo version of 3.09. The full CJE press release is available here.

    RISC OS South East show this Saturday16/10/2008
    The RISC OS South East Show takes place this Saturday at Guildford College, Guildford, Surrey. The show will be open from 10:00am - 4:00pm and admission will be 5. More information is available at http://www.fillin.co.uk/seshow.

    New Century has a new Email address. For a while, there was an email address shown on the support page, however there were problems with the email provider as I was unable to access the account. Instead I have moved to using Google Mail.

    Castle Technology discontinue their Iyonix computer range30/9/2008
    Castle Technology ltd, manufacturer of the Iyonix computer and owner of the RISC OS copyright, announced on the 25th of September 2008 that they are to discontinue their Iyonix desktop computer. People wanting to purchase one of the few remaining units had until today (the 30th of september) to purchase one.
    Castle introduced the Iyonix to the RISC OS market in December 2002 at the RISC OS Midlands Show. It has been on the market for nearly 6 years, and according to various sources, an Iyonix II was vaguely planned, but never materialised in any form. Since the discontinuation of the Iyonix, the only Acorn Compatible / RISC OS native computer currently on the market is the Advantage 6's A9home. The official press release from Castle can be found here.

    Thirtieth anniversary of Acorn Computers5/9/2008
    Thirty years ago this year Acorn Computers Ltd was founded in Cambridge, England by Hermann Hauser and Christopher Curry. The company was set up on the 5th of December 1978 and was originally called CPU Ltd (Cambridge Processor Unit). One of their first projects was a microprocessor controller for a fruit machine, for Ace Coin Equipment (ACE) of Wales, then in January 1979 they launched a 6502 based microcomputer system, which was the first product of Acorn Computer Ltd.
    To celebrate Acorn's Thirtieth anniversary, ex-members of staff along with key influential people, including Hermann Hauser and Chris Curry, are attending a celebratory party to be held on Saturday the 13th of September 2008 at Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge. The whole event is supported by ARM Ltd.

    Facebook on RISC OS4/6/2008
    I currently have a StrongARM RiscPC and browse the internet using NetSurf. Out of all the sites I visit, I have noticed that the Facebook Home page takes the longest to load, taking around a minute to fully load. For Iyonix and A9home users this is probably less of a problem due to their computers being faster and are able to run browers such as RISC OS Firefox at acceptable speeds. A solution I found to this is to use the Mobile Facebook site; http://m.facebook.com/. The site is not as 'pretty' as the normal site, but seems to function ok.

    'Infinity' RISC OS theme19/5/2008
    New Century has released a new RISC OS theme. The theme is called Infinity, and changes the look of the RISC OS window tool sprites, and the iconsprites. The theme is designed for 32k or 16m colour desktops. Versions have been made for both RISC OS 4 and 5, and the theme is available to download from the 'Downloads' button at the top of the web page.
    Here is a screenshot of the theme on RISC OS Adjust, at 1024 x 768 resolution and 32,000 colours. Another one can be found here, but this time at 800 x 600 in 16 million colours (my RiscPC is unable to go above these resolutions due to VRAM limits).

    Website updated6/5/2008
    I have updated the website and corrected a few errors that were highlited on google forums. The website text now has better contrast with the background. Also information errors have been changed. The website will not unfortunately work properly in Fresco and Oregano due to the website using CSS to describe the font face.

    Its all go!1/5/2008
    The new RISC OS theme is almost ready. We are also going to release a RISC OS software CD which will contain a large collection of freeware software as well as information and resources. It will cost the postage needed to post it, or alternatively, if you live outside the UK or dont want to pay postage, we can email you an Archive (zipped folder) of the CD. We are also going to get an email address for the website, which will allow people to contact us for support on RISC OS related issues.
    Another idea, but this is only an idea, is to provide a CD with a freeware RISC OS emulator on, and obtain permisson from Castle Technology (the owners of RISC OS) to bundle RISC OS 3.1 or hopefully 3.7 with the emulator on the CD, for a fee, which will go to Castle. This will allow people to experience RISC OS on their Windows PC's and hopefully get some people interested, similar to the RISC OS on Linux live CD project.

    Wakefield RISC OS Computer Show this Saturday22/4/2008
    This saturday, the 26th of April, will be the 13th Wakefield RISC OS Computer Show. The location is the Cedar Court Hotel, just off junction 39 of the M1, south of Wakefield.

    New RISC OS theme coming soon to New Century18/4/2008
    I am developing a new GUI theme for RISC OS, that will change the look of the window 'tools' etc. The theme will hopefully be released in about a month and is in its advanced stages. The theme will work with 32,000 Colours, but really requires 16million Colours to look decent. The idea of the theme is that it will hopefully break away from the dull greyish 256 colour themes exist, but will not be too bright and colourful, and so will hopefully be able to be adoped by most users with modern RISC OS computers. More to follow...

    BluRay on RISC OS16/4/2008
    The first BluRay discs have been burnt on RISC OS by developer Steffan Huber, who also develops the software !CDVDBurn. The discs have been burnt using an LG BluRay drive on an Iyonix running RISC OS 5.13. The full story from Drobe is here.
    Also don't forget RISC OS Wakefield 08 on the 26th of April!

    RISC OS Southwest Show Today.23/2/2008
    Today is the RISC OS Southwest show, held in north Somerset, in the UK. All the usual RISC OS dealers will be present, and entry is free.
    I was hoping to go, but unfortunately the venue is in a large hotel in the middle of nowhere, and the public transport links to the area have much to be desired!

    Toshiba discontinues HD DVD format20/2/2008
    Toshiba have recently discontinued their HD DVD disc format, ending the standards war between them and their rival, Sony, with their Blu-ray format. The 'standards war' began in 2006 when Toshiba released their HD DVD format, and soon after Sony released their rival Blu-ray format. Toshiba say they never meant to start a standards war between them and Sony, and the final tipping point came when many Hollywood movie producers decided to release movies only on Blu-ray formatted discs. Blu-ray is also incorporated into all of Sony's Playstation 3 consoles, of which there have been more than 10 million sold so far, compared to around 1.5 million HD DVD players.
    The full story can be found on the BBC news website here.

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