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RISC OS Software CD

    New Century has put together a CD containing free RISC OS software along with demo's of commercial applications. The reason we put together the CD is because we feel that there are a large number of useful freeware applications for RISC OS on the internet, but often they are not easy to find. The aim of the CD is to collect as many of these together as possible, and then bundle them on a CD so that users don't have to spend time searching for them - you may even find applications on there you never knew existed!

    How to obtain a CD - The CD is free of charge, except you will need to pay for the postage by sending us a stamp addressed envelope. To obtain one of these CD's, send an email to us at the address shown below. We will then send you a confirmation email of what address to send the envelope to, and when it reaches us we will aim to send the CD within a couple of working days.

    > Click here to email New Century for a CD


Parmesan MSN Messenger client

    Parmesan is an instant messaging client for the MSN Messenger protocol, similar to the MSN Messenger software available for Windows and Mac OS. It was originally developed by Christian Ludham in 2007 and was hosted on his site. Development of Parmesan has since ceased, however it is still a very fast, easy to use and elegant piece of software. To use it you will require a Windows Live Hotmail account to log in with. The current (and final) version of Parmesan is 1.30.

    Click below to download the zip file...

    > Parmesan 1.30


RISC OS 3.1 system ROMs

    Below is a file containing a ROM image from an A5000, which ran RISC OS 3.1. The ROM image was originally in four different files, as the A5000 has four different ROM chips inside, although the files have been joined to make one image file. The ROM image works, as I have used it with ArcEm Archemedes emulator (see below). The legality of me putting up these ROM images is questionable, but as RISC OS 3.1 is such an old system, I hope no one will be too bothered. This image can be used in conjuction with the following two emulators, but not RPCEmu:

    • ArcEm - An Acorn Archimedes computer emulator for Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Amiga OS and even RISC OS.

    • Arculator - Another Acorn Archimedes emulator for Windows only.

    • RPCEmu - A RiscPC emulator for Windows, DOS and UNIX systems. Note: The ROM image supplied below will not work with this emulator, instead the emulator will require RISC OS 3.5 or above, which I cannot supply.

    Click below to download the ROM image...

    > RISC OS 3.11 ROM Image


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